The God of the mundane…

Last night, while listening to a talk on families and parenting, the speaker/pastor described God as the “God of the mundane.”  I’ve heard this 100x, but for the first time the reality of what he said hit me.  In 50-60 years after I’m gone, my family will struggle to remember who I was.  I barely remember my great-grandparents, and at least four of them are buried less than 70 miles from here.  Chances are my name (and yours) will never be written down in a history book.  This is the futility of life we have heard so much about through our study of Ecclesiastes. 

To add insult to injury, this speaker commented that we typically only make about 3-4 “big” decisions in life.  Certainly my life has more significance that just 3-4 big decisions, doesn’t it?  Giving him the benefit of the doubt, I’ve pondered his statement and will reluctantly agree with him.  My decision to follow Christ was not a “big” decision for me.  It was a significant decision with eternal consequences, but it wasn’t something I wrestled with at great lengths.  After all, I was only seven.  My decision to marry Keri was not a difficult decision either.  I knew before we began dating that God had special plans for the both of us.  There was a natural progression in our relationship so that when the time came – I just knew!  Our decision to start a family occurred over a discussion we had in the car while traveling the Florida Turnpike.  No wresting there.  In reviewing my life, the biggest decision I’ve made…the one I truly wrestled with …was moving to Chattanooga.  So, according to my calculations, that is 36 years and really just ONE “big” decision. 

Aren’t you glad that life is not filled with those really “big” decisions!  I’m not discounting the gravity of your day-to-day decisions, but how many of those decisions have the potential to really alter your path in life.  Yet, the God who knows the hair upon your head and the flight status of every sparrow knows your every need.  He cares about those “big” decisions of life, but also the mundane…everyday…just part of life…decisions we must make every day. 

He cares for us more than we can ever know.  After all, He is the God of the mundane.


2 thoughts on “The God of the mundane…

  1. Matt’s presentation is powerful and true. Thanks for sharing it. The black background makes this sort of hard to read.

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