Noontime with the Psalmist…

I’m on my third reading of the Shadow of the Almighty by Elisabeth Elliot.  It is the biography of her first husband Jim Elliot.  Using his journal, written letters and her time with Jim, she reveals the character of the most amazing 20-somthing I’ve ever known.  The book, given to me by Keri, has changed me in ways I cannot even articulate. 

 One of his practices, and one he encouraged “Betty” to take up, was noontime devotions in the Psalms.  I too am attempting to make this a part of my daily schedule.  I must confess that I haven’t been completely faithful.  Sometimes I get so focused on the day’s “to-do” list that I simply forget.  Other days, like yesterday, my heart is overjoyed as my Father speaks directly to His child.

 Psalm 4:1-2 – (I intended to read the entire chapter but found so much to ponder in the first two verses.)  David is writing this as his son Absalom has turned on him.  In verse 2 he scolds those who have followed Absalom as they have turned his glory as king into shame and followed after worthlessness (vanity or emptiness).  I wonder how many empty and worthless things I have loved and chased after.  How often have my affections been turned towards something this world views as valuable, but will someday be burned up as hay and stubble?    How have my actions brought shame to my King instead of glory?

 Father, may I seek to pursue You and those things You value.  May I always chase after those things in life that will bring You glory.

 Can’t wait until lunchtime today…


Novelist in our midst…

“From a top-secret laboratory hidden underground in the Egyptian desert comes the JUDE Project.  The mastermind behind the project, Victor Pizan, has one thing in mind – world domination – and he’ll use whatever means required to achieve that.  With the perfect representative, his operation will be unstoppable.”

 Melissa Levi wrote her first novel, Synthetic Soul, after a discussion at the family table introduced her to the controversy of cloning.    This ten year project has now become a reality.  Melissa, and her two daughters Hannah and Beth, have been attending Duncan Park for several months.  You can find her book at Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and 

Check out her website at

Being something different…

Recently I have been wrestling with the unnecessary tension the modern church has created between these two commands: “Go and make disciples” and “Be ye holy.”  The modern evangelical church focuses so heavily on the former that they oftentimes ignore the latter.  Too often, the goal becomes to create a church where the lost will feel welcomed and therefore, more inclined to attend.  The downside to that is that the lost rarely see a people who have truly become “holy” people.  The other side of this pendulum swing is where a church will focus so heavily on being separated from the things of this world that they voluntarily shut themselves off from those needing help.  Jesus Himself said He came, not for the well but for the sick. 

What is the answer?

We must be a “holy” people who assemble together corporately for “holy” worship – worship that honors God, not man.  Upon that benedictory song and prayer, the holy church then distributes itself among the un-holy people of the world…the sick whom Jesus cares so much about, to act as salt and light.

John MacArthur addressed the issue of a church ignoring the command to be holy at his recent Shepherds Conference. 

See article…here