Asking “WHY?”

On May 16, we will begin a new sermon series entitled WHY?  The attempt will be to answer some of those questions we forget to ask.  I’m even giving you an opportunity to select the final question we will attempt to answer…

May 16 (PM service) – Why do we worship on Sunday

May 23 (AM) – Why do we get baptized

May 23 (PM) – Why do we not speak in tongues

May 30 (AM) – Why does church membership matter

May 30 (PM) – Why do we not drink alcohol

June 13 (AM) – Why do we pray if God is just going to do what He wants to do

June 13 (PM) – You select the question

Please submit your question via this blog post by entering a “comment,” or you may e-mail me your question at

Keep in mind that anything posted in the “comments” is able to be read by others.


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