Lessons learned on the road…

TOP TEN lessons I learned on our trip to Florida…

 10.          Road trips are never fun with babies

 9.            Having nine cousins in the same house at the same time is way too many cousins

 8.            Walking 18 holes of the golf course and swinging 128 times at a little white ball is enough to exhaust anybody.

 7.            The game of pool is more fun without sticks, and more exciting when played with a 2-year old.

 6.            Gainesville, FL already had a great mall but the new hand-dryers in the restroom put it over the top.  The 10-foot alligator standing in the center of the mall isn’t bad either.

 5.            Never turn your back on your son if there is a bucket of water sitting on the dock.  He is guaranteed to stick his head into the bucket.

 4.            Girls can bait their own fishing hook

 3.            Having your frightened 2-year old sleep in the bed with you sounds like a good idea at the time…trust me, it isn’t.

 2.             I am not secure enough in my manhood to enjoy tea parties.  I tried to pretend that my cinnamon tea and finger sandwich was actually a root beer and sloppy Joe.

The #1 lesson –                  Nothing beats family


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