Celebrating the win…

Too often we only hear about the bad news…the problems…the losses.   What we NEED to hear about are those times when we win, those times when we actually accomplish what we set out to accomplish.  Sunday night I learned of one of those wins.

For the past several months, we have been studying through the book of Ecclesiastes.  Personally, I’m glad to be through it because wisdom literature is difficult to understand, much less preach.  You guys have been a tremendous encouragement to me through your comments about this book study.  [Insert advertisement here] I am anxiously awaiting our next book study, which is tentatively scheduled to begin in late June.  Stayed tuned for details… [OK, now back to the topic at hand]

The big win out of Ecclesiastes came in the last chapter where we see an old and wise Solomon investing into the younger generation…a real Titus 2 in action!  Two individuals from our younger generation took up that charge and went to an “older and wiser” in our congregation and asked to be mentored.  They have already met together and have made plans for additional meetings.  That is a huge win!!!!  

To the older individual:  Who can you invest into?  What impact will you make on the generation that follows you?

To the younger individual:  When will you realize that you don’t have all the answers?  When will you humble yourself and ask for help?  I trust you’ll find MUCH help here at Duncan Park…but you may have to ask for it.


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