This week @ Duncan Park…

Hey guys, no video this week.  Thought I would go back to the old fashioned way of typing out the information.  May has been a busy month around here, June will be even busier.  I promise that we will slow things down in July and August…I promise! 

Couple of reminders for you…

1.  Sunday is the last day we will collect Bibles.  If you got em, bring em.  You may place these on the first row pew (organ side).  Thanks to everyone who has participated.  These Bibles will not go to waste!!!

2.  Next weekend is Homecoming 2010.  We will begin on Saturday with a concert by Nathan Clark George and sermon by Ted Phillips.  Everyone is invited to an ice cream party, immediately following the service.  The concert is free, but a love offering for Nathan will be taken.  He will also have a few of his CD’s available for purchase.  Don’t tell Keri, but I plan to purchase several.  You can listen to a few of his songs by visiting his facebook fan page.  Look for the “music” header in the lower LEFT hand corner.

3.  Next Wednesday night we will begin our summer ministry to children – Team KIDs (kids in discipleship).  This is open for ages 2-grade 6.  Hope your child or grandchild can participate!    We will begin at 6:30PM, in room #301, and will end around 7:45PM.  This ministry will run through the months of June and July.  See me if you have questions.

4.  Sunday we will ask two more questions for our “WHY?” series:  (AM) Why does church membership matter?  (PM) Why are baptists so down on alcohol? 

See you Sunday…


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