This week @ Duncan Park…

Got a note from Nathan Clark George this afternoon and he expressed his great appreciation for his time here @ Duncan Park.  Thanks again to the numerous men and women who worked so diligently to make Homecoming such an enjoyable event.

The month of June is ticking away.  Lots of stuff happening around here, so let me highlight just a few…

  1. The Summer Celebration is scheduled for June 26.  We still need some help for this event, especially in the area of games and face painting.  If you are able to assist in this area, please let us know by filling out the “I Can Help” form we have available in the church foyer.  Please drop your completed form into the offering plate.  Steve Yarbrough has a list of game ideas and Susan Wright can provide training for face-painting.
  2. Father’s Day is next Sunday, so we will not be having a Sunday night service
  3. Sunday School training: We will have our 2nd meeting on Sunday, June 27 beginning @ 4:30PM.  I do have training manuals for each of our teachers.

This Sunday morning we will finish up our “Why?” series by attempting to answer the question “Why pray if God is sovereign?”  Sunday night we will have a “praise, prayer and testimony” service.  Hope to see you this weekend.


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