It’s time…

We’ve been given one life…don’t waste it. 

That is a powerful sentence and a powerful thought.   I don’t think any of us want to waste our life.  We know our days upon this earth are indeed precious, and most of us make some effort to contribute to the mission of God’s kingdom.  However, when we are faced with the needs and ministry opportunities that this broken world offers, it is easy for us to become overwhelmed.  How much money should I give?  Should I go on this mission trip, and if so, where?  Is God calling me to adopt?  Am I too career-minded?  Am I sacrificing my family on the altar of ministry?  After all, we only have one life and I don’t want to waste it.

I think the questions I’ve just posed are good questions and worthy of asking.  However, we cannot forget the opportunity we have right here and right now.  When you don’t know how much to give, give what you can.  When you don’t know where to travel to share God’s word, share it where you are.  When you question your schedule and the direction your life is heading, offer it to God and ask Him to set the priority.  We cannot sacrifice the here and now for what might be, somewhere else and sometime later.  You can be significant right where you are…so begin today! 

 It’s time…


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