A changing church…

The offering plate…  though most profess to tithe the standard 10 percent of their income to the church, the actual average percentage of income given to the church in the last two years was only 2.43 percent.  This number has declined over the last 40 years, with the highest amount being only 3.11 percent in 1968 (Christianity Today, February 2011)

Church dropouts…  some 20 percent of students who stopped attending church after high school say they had planned to no longer attend weekly services once they were in college.  The other 80 percent of those who “dropped out” of church after high school say they made no premeditated decision to do so, but rather, slowly drifted out of the church. (Lifeway Research)

Keeping up with population changes…  In 1820 there was one church for every 875 people in the United States.  By World War I the ratio had dropped  to one church for every 430 people.  Today, there is only one church for every 6,194 people.  In Canada the ratio is 1 church to every 123,971 people.  The population of North America is 345 million, and at least 259 million do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ. (U.S. Census Bureau, Lifeway Christian Resources, Statistics Canada and Canadian National Baptist Convention)


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