Tweets of the week…

For those who are not familier with Twitter, allow me to provide you with a definition I found at…Twitter is defined as – A very popular instant messaging system that lets a person send brief text messages up to 140 characters in length to a list of followers. Launched in 2006, Twitter was designed as a social network to keep friends and colleagues informed throughout the day. However, it became widely used for commercial and political purposes to keep customers, voters and fans up-to-date as well as to encourage feedback.

I have actually found Twitter to possess some redemptive value so I thought a “tweets of the week” spot would be in order.   Here is the 1st installment…

Russell Moore:  Sometimes the grace of God is finding yourself a complete failure in something you thought was 1 of your strongest points. Count it all joy!

J. C. Ryle: “A true Christian is one who has not only peace of conscience, but war within.”

David Platt: Worry is a sure sign that you have forgotten you are a child of God the Father (Mt. 6:25-33).

Spurgeon: “… even if you cannot speak w/ men for God, if you know how to speak w/ God for men, you occupy a position that is second to none.”

Andy Stanley:  So, if I raise my own debt ceiling will it end my crisis?

Francis Chan: “Isn’t it a comfort to worship a God we cannot exaggerate?”

John Piper: “Can you drink my cup?” “Yes.” “Then you will.” But they did not, and could not, drink it all. His cup was to die FOR them.


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