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Thanks to the four (4) people who gave us your input on what you’d like to see.  I trust there are more ideas out there…  Please let us know what you’d like to see in our church library.  We want this to be a ministry that is beneficial to YOU!  Feel free to comment below, or e-mail me at  If you want to remain anonymous, simply write a note and leave it in the black box in the foyer.


Helping a child understand death…

I was asked for some recommendations on resources for helping a child understand death, especially the death of a loved one.  Here is some helpful information from Focus on the Family, as well as a few additional resources. 

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Grandpa Joe has terminal cancer. Great-aunt Susie is in the nursing home hospital ward. Your child’s classmate just died in a car accident. Terrorist attacks and reports of wars fill the evening news …

Death is an ever-present fact of life, yet even adults face it only with difficulty. Here are some tips to help your children through the grieving process.

  • Teach that death is part of life.Parents often avoid talking about death in an effort to protect children from unpleasantness. Instead, look for teachable moments. Wilting flowers, changing seasons or the death of a family pet provides an opportunity to show death as a part of life. Visit elderly friends or relatives to show children that aging is normal. Children will accept and confront death if adults allow it.
  • Be honest.Present the information in a straightforward manner with age-appropriate information by explaining, “Granddad died last night.” Avoid saying, “He went to sleep” or “He’s gone away.” These terms leave children wondering if they will die when they go to sleep or if the person is coming back.
  • Don’t delay telling about a death.Delaying can do more harm than good. If you wait, someone else may tell your child or he will overhear it in conversation. Learning the news from you is less frightening.
  • Answer questions.Some children are satisfied with the facts. Others will ask a multitude of questions. Allow questions and answer them, even admitting when you don’t have the answer.
  • Recognize fears.Death can be a scary concept for children. If your child expresses fear about seeing the body or going to the funeral, don’t force the issue. Comfort and reassure your child following a death of somebody he knows.
  • Let them see you grieve.Children need to know that grieving is acceptable. Allow children to see you cry. Emotional pain is part of losing a loved one.
  • Cherish the memories. Continue to talk about the loved one who died. Look through photo albums, talk about funny things the deceased said or reminisce about pleasant experiences.

Children take their cues from us and model their reactions accordingly. Show them that death and grief are parts of life.

Copyright © 2005 Candy Arrington. Used by permission. All rights reserved.
Additional resources:
Someone I Love Died by Christine Harder Tangvald
What Happened When Grandma Died? by Peggy Barker
Helping Children Grieve: When Someone They Love Dies by Theresa Huntley
If you have other suggested resources, please offer those in the comment section or e-mail them to me at

Family Dinner…

Growing up, one of my favorite activities at church were the Wednesday night dinners.  I would love to see Duncan Park host ONE Family Dinner Night during each of the summers months.  The only thing that prevents us from doing this is finding someone to host each dinner.  Hosting the dinner means that you will decide the menu, purchase the food items (on the church’s dime of course) and prepare the meal.  We’ll make sure you get plenty of help in the kitchen!  If you are interested in hosting one, two or all the Family Dinner nights, please let me know.  But…if we don’t find a host…you are on your own for dinner.

The dates for each Family Dinner night:

  • June 8: Cancelled
  • July 13:  College class will host
  • August 10:  Don Faubert will host

I estimate the cost for each meal to be no more than $3.00 per plate.  Dinner will be served from 5:15-6:15PM.   Sign up sheets will be provided in each Sunday school class so we will have an accurate count.

Father and son breakfast…

On Saturday, June 18 we will host a father and son breakfast in our pavilion. Doyle Brewer and his team will be putting together a fantastic breakfast, with plenty of food for everyone.  I have also asked Keith Wardlaw to provide a brief devotional from God’s word. 

Take this opportunity to invite your son…or your dad to breakfast.  Cost is free, but we will ask for donations.  We will begin serving breakfast at 8:00AM.  There will be sign-up sheets in Sunday school, so please help us out by signing up.

Summer program for kids…

With AWANA’s ending soon, what will our kids do on Wednesday nights???  Beginning June 8, your kids will enjoy an exciting night of singing, stories, games and snacks.  We may even have a visit from a puppet or two.  This activity is open to every child currently enrolled in Cubbies (and those who will start in Cubbies this fall), Sparks or Truth-in-Training.  Each Wednesday night will start at 6:30PM in our fellowship hall and will end at 7:45PM in our pavilion. 

Begins June 8 and ends July 27